Barney Stinson

Cool or Crappy Roommate: Barney Stinson

Choosing a potential roommate can be difficult. Can I get along with this person? Will they overstep their boundaries? Will they be super easy to live with but boring beyond reason? There are so many angles to consider that one could go back and forth for days deliberating on which roommate would work out best. One such enigma of a roommate: Barney Stinson.

Pros:  You would never be without entertainment. Barney is a nonstop tail-chaser, and he goes to great lengths to be with every beautiful woman on campus – from the squirrely freshman in the corner of the bookstore to the strict (yet seductive) forensics professor. He impersonates famous people, makes up outrageous backstories, and even employs small, irresistible animals as bait.  The wet-your-pants-laughing recounts of his escapades would be endless. He is a loyal and empathetic friend, who would sometimes lie and manipulate you to make himself look good in front of a girl he just met (and would probably blow off within hours), but deep down he has a good heart. He would respect any ‘off limits’ his friends set, and would do what’s right (when it finally occurs to him), even if it means throwing himself into the Hudson River.

Cons: You would be the wingman. Every night. And it would probably end with you getting kicked out of your room. Every night. This would get old fast but the real trouble would come when you set your sights on a special lady. Intrinsically competitive and immature, Barney might just decide to take a crack at one of your potential prospects just because YOU like her. And when Barney sets his sights on a girl, he stops at nothing short of pretending he just came out of a time machine until he gets what he wants.

Overall: Barney would be a can’t-live-with-him-can’t-live-without-him kind of roommate. Your dorm room would never be boring. Barney is always wiggling his way into hilarious conversations, awkward misunderstandings, and great parties – all of which you’d have a front row seat for. He would copy your Chem homework, steal a girl out from under you (who probably wasn’t good for you anyway) and talk your ear off about his latest conquests…but at least you’d always have a suit to borrow. Barney Stinson. My vote? Cool roommate.

Written by Riley Missel

Riley Missel is a veteran roommate, college student, and confessed food pilferer. She has been through the ups and downs of living in close quarters with what seemed like perfectly normal people at the beginning of the year. She majors in Communication at Marian University in Indianapolis. As a bicycle racer, she travels most weekends, and more often than not, crashes on a generous stranger’s couch or in a hotel bed with 3 other people. Some of her favorite things include farmer’s markets, yoga, strong coffee, and pedaling her bicycle with people she loves.

CURRENT GOAL: Perfecting her omelette-flipping game. Current record: Riley-6, Floor-27. But nobody’s above eating mushroom and egg off of the linoleum, right?