Frank the Tank

Cool or Crappy Roommate: Frank The Tank

Another semester is underway and among the many questions you’re already asking yourself – “Will I excel this year?” “Did I choose the right major?” “Load up on Cap’n Crunch or Crunch Berries?” – one major question that might be occupying a big chunk of your brain waves will probably be, “Will I like my roommate?” We really hope you will, but for this blog, we can’t offer much help. That is unless your new roommate is Frank The Tank.

Pros: If you’re looking for a fun and rowdy college experience, then Frank The Tank is the roommate for you. He’s always up for a wild night out, random craziness and living college life to the fullest. Looking for a distraction away from your ever growing pile of assignments? Frank’s got you covered: kidnapping a friend, naked coed KY wrestling or a trip to Home Depot or Bed Bath and Beyond all fall under Frank’s jurisdiction. One thing’s for sure, having Frank as your roommate will be anything but dull.

Frank the Tank Dart

Cons: Another thing’s also for sure: If you expect to get anything of substance done in your dorm room or apartment, say goodbye to that notion. Frank’s carefree college lifestyle is not conducive to a passing semester. Follow his lead and that scholarship you’ve worked so hard to achieve will be gone like dust in the wind. Also, his shenanigans might get old fast – who really wants to be associated with the guy who goes solo to streak in the quad? Frank’s relationship troubles will be another source of friction. He wants to be in a relationship and then he wants to play the field; he goes wild at parties licking random girls’ faces and then mopes when his relationship doesn’t work out – as his roommate, you’ll be in direct contact with this emotional roller coaster.

Overall: Frank’s a good guy. You know he is. And although his antics are wild and over the top, he is essentially harmless and fun-loving. But from a big-picture perspective, Frank is not the ideal roommate to have: party animal, relationship basket-case. The college experience is meant to include a sense of freedom and fun but Frank fails to take the rest of those aspects seriously and that can only affect your experience negatively. You gotta love the guy but our opinion? Frank The Tank: Crappy Roommate.

Written by Chad Jarrah

Chad Jarrah runs Roommate Harmony and aims to improve the shared living experience through the use of its products and blog. When not saving the world from fights about who ate the last slice of pizza (I’m looking at you, Alan), he loves to travel to faraway places, bake (and eat) delicious treats, and spend time with his beautiful family.

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