Summer Classes

Guide to Getting Through Summer Classes

Green grass, blue skies, warm breeze and the smell of a grill – just a few of the many reasons we all love summer break. Stuffy classrooms, forced group discussions, emails from professors and working on assignments while your friends are swimming – some of the dreadful reasons why we hate taking summer classes.

It’s difficult to avoid the dread of taking summer classes, but with our guide to getting through them, you’ll make the most of these unpleasant fun stoppers and come out on top.


1. Remember…They’re Typically Shorter

No one likes taking classes in the summer but there is a silver lining. Typically these classes are much shorter than your average fall or spring semester course. You might not enjoy the drone of a professor’s voice but there is some degree of pleasure in the fact that you have to listen to a much shorter time period of it. Focus on that.

2. Take Breaks

On the first day of class (this only applies to classes on site, of course), scope out the nearest bathroom and its proximity to your class. When you are particularly hot or bored or tired or anxious, take a bathroom break and walk VERY slowly. This will break up the monotony of the class and keep you fresh. Odds are the professor teaching the class will also be thinking about his/her lost summer vacation and will work small breaks into the class period anyway.

3. Bring Snacks

The rules in a summer class are also more lax than your average run of the mill college course. Breaks are longer, assignments are easier and rules are more flexible. Bring a snack with you to keep you busy. Snacking on a bag or Sour Patch Kids or a cup of yogurt (or both) is the perfect way to wake up your senses: Small group discussion – handful of red and green Sour Patch Kids; reading the professor’s handout – spoonful of raspberry yogurt.


4. Think of Your Future Self

If you are willingly torturing yourself by submitting to a summer class, you must have a good reason for it. Remember that as you toil away on a 10 page paper while your friends go to Chipotle or the mall or the beach. You’re putting yourself one step closer to an internship or a more flexible double major or the prospect of graduating an entire semester early. Future you will thank you for your current diligence and tenacity.

We understand…summer classes suck. But they do serve a purpose and you can, and will, get through them. And remember, although your summer is shorter, you still have time to enjoy it. Make the most of it.

Written by Chad Jarrah

Chad Jarrah runs Roommate Harmony and aims to improve the shared living experience through the use of its products and blog. When not saving the world from fights about who ate the last slice of pizza (I’m looking at you, Alan), he loves to travel to faraway places, bake (and eat) delicious treats, and spend time with his beautiful family.

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