Roommate Gift

Holiday Gift for your Roommate

Everybody loves the holiday season – that’s no major revelation. Great food, days off and time with family and friends – what’s not to love? Aside from the sheer joy that comes with a full belly and an uninterrupted sleeping schedule (yeah I’m looking at you finals), it’s also a great opportunity to show your roommate how much you appreciate them. With finals week fast approaching and your already endless list of gifts to buy continually growing, you may feel as if a roommate gift is the last thing on your mind. We disagree. After all, a good roommate is hard to find. If your roommate does any of the following, a gift or holiday gesture may be in order:

  • Cooks for all housemates, cleans common areas, studies quietly, respects your space, leaves the bathroom smelling tolerable, bakes cookies/muffins for everyone, does not take hour long showers, pays rent on time, listens to you whine, makes you laugh regularly, shares food with you, helps you study, fixes your laptop and/or is generally a good human being.

Giving a gift makes sense now, doesn’t it? The only question left is what to get. Well Roommate Harmony is here to help. Try this list of gifts for that special roommate who has made the past semester a little less stressful.

Gift Card – People may say a gift card is not personal, but who cares what people say. A $10 gift card to your roommate’s favorite coffee shop or local pub will easily show your appreciation for a great past semester.

Gag Gift – There’s nothing specific we can tell you here. You know your roommate pretty well by this point – their likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Use what you know to play the perfect trick on your friend. Maybe it’s not a “practical” gift, but a good laugh and an instant memory have their place.

“Favor” Coupons – This is a cheap but thoughtful way to show your appreciation. Make a handful of coupons, write up some “favors” (“Redeem this coupon and I’ll wash your dishes for a day”, etc), throw them in a card and boom, instant gift.

Favor Coupon

Phone Accessories – We love our phones, use them constantly and can’t imagine life without them. So why not help your roomie out with a colorful new case, a charger that actually works or even gifting a few apps that they’ve been frugal about purchasing.

Food – Make a meal, bake a cake and have a drink. That’s a gift anyone would love (…chocolate peanut butter layer cake?! God, I wish I was your roommate.)

Foor for my Roommate

Promoting Roommate Harmony can only benefit you and all of your housemates/dorm-mates as the next semester inches closer. What better way to do so than a thoughtful roommate gift. Take some time to think about your friend and spread a bit of cheer and harmony. Happy holidays!

Written by Chad Jarrah

Chad Jarrah runs Roommate Harmony and aims to improve the shared living experience through the use of its products and blog. When not saving the world from fights about who ate the last slice of pizza (I’m looking at you, Alan), he loves to travel to faraway places, bake (and eat) delicious treats, and spend time with his beautiful family.

CURRENT GOAL: Make Roommate Harmony a household name (or: perfect "Where is my mind" on the piano) (or: figure out how to arrange a hug with a chimpanzee) (or: concoct an original ice cream flavor that actually warrants a second spoonful)