Miss your roomie

Keeping in Touch When You Miss Your Roomie

Missing your roommate? It’s a feeling we all get during that midsummer slump. Working out alone, getting ‘way past your bedtime’ sushi alone, watching Netflix alone – It can get pretty stinkin’ boring! Next time you find yourself lonely for your late-night laugh buddy, your partner in cafeteria crime, or your shoulder to cry on, skip the ‘hey what’s up?’ text and go for one of these options that are sure to make their day (or even their summer):

1. Video Diary: Send your roomie silly video clips throughout a normal day without them, doing the things you’d usually do together- ride your bike, brush your teeth, watch the game – whatever makes you miss them! Use Snapchat to keep it brief or real video to make it savable.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles

2. Send a Postcard: Who doesn’t love to get some old fashioned snail mail? Cheap, easy, and you don’t have to find a lot to say.

3. Care Package: These aren’t just meant for mom to send you snacks freshman year! Fill a box with their favorite snacks, a movie, a picture of the two of you, a playlist you made, your cat – you know what will make them smile.

4. Send Them an Edible Arrangement: Who doesn’t love food shaped like a bouquet of flowers? It’s a little on the pricey side, but you know if your roommate would appreciate this beautiful display of edible roses.

Edible Arrangement

Edible Arrangement

5. Scrapbook: Scroll through Facebook photos of your gang from this past year, and print out the highlights (and/or lowlights if they’re funny). You can do this at Walgreens, Meijer, wherever. They will sometimes even put it in a book for you, or if you’re feeling super crafty, make a little book and decorate it with stickers, ticket stubs, little notes, and other mementos from the year! A little nostalgia from all the fun last year will get you excited for all the fun you’ll have in the fall. Pop that baby in the mail, and wait for them to call you crying with laughter.

6. Call ‘em Up: Phones still do that, you know.

Regardless of the approach you take, one of these or something only you know they’d absolutely love, a thoughtful gesture will let your roommate know they’re missed. And quite frankly, who doesn’t like that feeling? Now go out there and spread some love…or in this case, a little Roommate Harmony!


Written by Riley Missel

Riley Missel is a veteran roommate, college student, and confessed food pilferer. She has been through the ups and downs of living in close quarters with what seemed like perfectly normal people at the beginning of the year. She majors in Communication at Marian University in Indianapolis. As a bicycle racer, she travels most weekends, and more often than not, crashes on a generous stranger’s couch or in a hotel bed with 3 other people. Some of her favorite things include farmer’s markets, yoga, strong coffee, and pedaling her bicycle with people she loves.

CURRENT GOAL: Perfecting her omelette-flipping game. Current record: Riley-6, Floor-27. But nobody’s above eating mushroom and egg off of the linoleum, right?